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My spending & saving: an overview of the past few weeks


  • Paying for signing on fees for new office space
  • Paying for office space rent
  • Paying for new intern expenses
  • Paying intern stipends Read more

Three Things I Learned About Saving

I thought I would share more with you all about me preparing to relocate, I find it to be a stress reliever and your comments in my previous post really helped me out a lot. I really appreciate everyone that commented, it really let me know that I’m not alone and there are people in similar situations like myself. Now about saving … I mentioned in my previous post that I needed to have enough money to survive for a couple of months if I’m unable to find a job before I go. It’s truly been a learning experience trying to save up a large amount of money. But after learning what works and what doesn’t work for me I’ve been able to grasp it. Read more

On the road to saving

I opened a savings account last year in November and was just awful at putting money in it.

However, I need to change my spending habits desperately. I am getting paid next week for my job, which means I will be able to give someone money and it means that to continue putting money in my savings account.

I did it with Nationwide. I think that bank is rubbish but then again, as long as they don’t yam my money, it’s fine. I would not say my account is swirling with pounds by any means lol but I am now really going to start making an effort to save for my future.

I remember a while back I asked a question on the blog as to whether I should buy a posh Luella bag or a car. byrdparker mentioned the car! And trust me, my desire to have a car now has reached fever-pitch, that I can almost smell the £1.20 a litre petrol!

Money and finance are those topics that black people and in fact society in general do not talk about. I know this. Is there a stigma behind this ? Perhaps. Last year, something horrible happened to me. I was owed money. I was not assertive about it. And in due course, I fucked up and was severely broke, all because I could not muster the courage to ask for my money back. Anyway, I have learnt that for me at least, talking about money is how I will become better at being finance-savvy because I remained silent last year. I have always not been great with money but I think people need to be taught on how to be diligent with money. Ever since I started working this part-time, I can feel myself getting better. This is the most honest I have been about money in a while: I need to get better. And I will get better.

My aim this year is to have a couple-hundred quid saved. What’s yours ? Do you think we should be more candid about how to be better at money ? Or should I be silent ?

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