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Poll: Which celebrities would look the most beautiful natural?

Come on, the most controversial Charcoal poll of 2010! I want to hear your votes and your thoughts in the comments.

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So what’s your vote? Let me know!

Poll: What sector do you work in?

I’d love to know about what my readers do for a living. I think Charcoal will take more of a career-oriented slant in the coming weeks and months, with the same focus on media, hair, fashion and of course Beyonce! Lol jokes aside, like the Texan superstar, I am focused on my career but it has been hard thinking of how to position myself after the recent disappointments.

What are your jobs? Please fill out this poll and talk in detail in the comments section!

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I am still studying for the journalism MA but my dreams are definitely in the first category: entrepreneurial.

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