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Taking control of my financial life in 2012: an update

I have some good news, and I just hope it remains good news.

In the past week, after receiving payments from clients, I managed to put some money away into paying back my overdraft.

I paid back around £249 ($392) this week, which means £1,710 ($2,696) left to go.

I really need to ensure that I don’t withdraw from this part, as then it leaves me at square one. This means I had to freeze myself from my million challenge to pay this thing off – millionaires are not in debt, and honestly I need to get this sorted before I started trying to save for 1m. I realise in January that I was not being realistic as I have this to pay, moving out payments – just need to be realistic and focus!

Wish me luck!

Overdraft Update – Feb ’12

Just a quick note about how I am doing with my overdraft that is always in my face!

Paid back £40.51 – £1,959.49 to go until it is all clear.

I really want to pay it back, move out, go to London on holiday in time for my birthday in April but we will see!

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