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Janelle Monae changed her look!

I don’t think I have ever seen an Afro-Mohawk and a skirt on at the same time on Janelle Monae! This is from her new video with Miguel. This makes me want to go to the salon and change up my look as soon as possible!


Does this inspire you to change up your look at all? 

Janelle Monae & Her Unique Look

JM 1


Janelle Monae & That Incredible Hair

It’s been a while everyone – I am sorry for the lack of posts and updates. I took this screencap from the interview she did with the Breakfast Club that you can watch here. Janelle is a visual Black Forest digital cupcake – stunning, devastating and just you want more and more of it. I feel like she has really switched up her look.

Watch the interview – even her creamy Southern accent makes her hair pop even harder!

I haven’t felt inspired recently because being bogged down by work and my business but her whole look here just inspired the hell out of me.

I’m back.

What do you think of this look?

New Cornrows for August 2013

Cornrows 1

These are some new cornrows that I had done last week – I was trying to go for a zig zag look but I don’t think the stylist knew what she was doing. It’s like stylists these days have lost the art of cornrowing hair!

Pretty sad!



Welcome to the new Charcoal Ink

Hi everyone,

As you can see, Charcoal Ink looks a bit different and wasn’t updated for about a week. That’s because Miyan & I decided to host Charcoal Ink on its own, away from For around 6 years, Charcoal Ink has been on so it was a long slog to get all of the posts and Cialis images updates onto its own platform. It was not easy and it is going to take a while longer but please stick with us!

The website is still updating but we are so thrilled with the new look of Charcoal Ink.

What do you think of our new look and changes? We’d love to know what you think!

My Afro Hair Photoshoot






Kagem 3 Read more

7 Gorgeous Afro Hair Pictures

Afro Hair 2

7.{Image Source}

Afros just make me smile and these are some of the most gorgeous ones I have ever seen. Which ones buy viagra online are your favourite afro hair styles? Let me know :)


Afro Hair 1

{Image Source}


Afro Hair 3


Afro Hair 4

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Do hair blogs matter anymore now that you have Instagram & Pinterest?

Instagram 1

The social media margarita for natural hair, beauty & fashion

Social media is one of the tastiest cocktails to drink if you love hair, beauty, fashion and food. There are thousands of Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter accounts dedicated to all of these things that we all love. Whether you love natural afro hair updos or you love looking at high heels, it’s clear that social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram have opened a whole new world for natural afro hair. I definitely think social media has changed the game for natural hair but I also am wondering – does it enrich the hair experience and make hair blogs free cialis irrelevant? Read more

Upclose Shot from my shoot with Beautiful Imperfectionz

kagem closeup edit

I am so happy with this – this is one of the pictures from my shoot that I received from Beautiful Imperfectionz. When I receive the rest, I will share them with you. Some will go on my website and I will viagra questions see which ones work for the website since it’s very business oriented. I am so happy with the pictures I have seen so far – I think they really capture who I am.

What do you think of this picture?

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3 Stunning Solange Hairstyles

Solange 2

3. Curly Protective Weave

[divider border=""]

2. Afro wrapped in head scarf

Solange 3

1. Solange’s gorgeous Afro in Vogue

Solange 4

What do you think of these vigrx side affects looks by Solange? I love her warmth yet distance in photo shoots. I think Solange is a gorgeous girl who is defintely underrated.

Behind the scenes of my beauty photoshoot





Behind the scenes

All photography was done by Beautiful Imperfectionz. I cannot wait to share all of the final pictures for my website with you guys viagra kaufen. These were just the Behind the Scenes of me doing my makeup and getting ready in between shots.

What do you think of the pictures?

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