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Behind the scenes at my photoshoot for my website


Take a look at some of these pictures that were the behind the scenes images for, which is my personal website where I will be storing business ideas, content and offering business services to potential clients. When the images ultra max gold hgh for the website are ready, I will definitely share them.

Images for my website were taken by Beautiful Imperfectionz, a dope Tanzanian photography company – check them out!

Shoot 3




What do you think? Let me know ;)

The hottest ring of 2012 for African warrior princesses!

Ring by Mawi – £392.00

What do you think?

My thoughts: I spotted this on Mawi’s website and I love it! I’m going through a jewellery obsession at the moment – it looks like a ring a warrior princess in KwaZulu Natal would wear when she is handling business!

Closet Purge

This weekend I decided it was time to do a closet purge, which consist of me going through my closet and deciding it was time to part with clothing, shoes and purses. Because I know it’s so hard for me to part with my clothing and other items I had to come up with a plan. I decided in the next 5 weeks I would pick 3 items from 5 different categories to sell on eBay. The 5 categories include:

  1. Dresses
  2. Shoes
  3. Skirts
  4. Jeans
  5. Purses

Whatever I don’t sell I will give to friends, family, thrift store depending on the item. This week I picked out three dresses to part with and this is what I considered:

  1. Can I fit the item?
  2. When’s the last time I wore it?
  3. Do I still like it?


Here are the three dresses I put up on eBay; these items will be on here for one week.

1. Old Prom Dress from 2005

2. Hot Pink Animal Print Party Dress

3. Black and White Shift Dress




What do you purge your closet?

Pre-New Year’s Eve Fashion & Beauty Bash

Last night I had the opportunity to attend a Pre-New Year’s Eve Fashion & Beauty Bash hosted by blogger Curly Lexi from Curls Coils and Kinks and stylist and makeup artist Danielle from The Style & Beauty Doctor. The event took place in Atlanta at Sole Shoes where attendees were able to shop, mingle, and discuss natural hair.

Throughout the event they had many beauty stations including an eyelash bar where they had two professionals putting on individual eyelashes for $25, and a lipstick bar where you could try on different shades of lipstick of your choice and take with you. The night also included three fashion shows with models wearing clothing from the store itself and many raffles with cool beauty prizes.

I didn’t leave empty handed I was given a goody bag filled with some great smell goods. Take a look at the pictures below.

Check it Out: Another Fashion Book

Fashion student at day, blogger at night and high top hair rocker for life Icy Twan is launching his site Another Fashion Book tomorrow. If you haven’t seen him around on the net you should definitely check him out. Read more

Are You Feeling The Turban?

As you can see below great minds think alike Aulelia did a dissection of Solanges hair wrap/turban outfit which looks amazing by the way! Which brings me to talk about the Turban in general. I”m actually very surprised that the Turban is becoming so popular because it’s been around for years. I actually own a black silk turban that I sleep in, I thought it was cute but I didn’t think twice that it would become a fashion trend. Now we’re seeing all the major celebrities with turbans on their head. I actually love the idea of the turban and find not only cute but a protective style for hair. What do you think? Would you rock a turban? … take the poll below or leave a comment on your thoughts. (P.S. Were obsessed with Solange)

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Beyonce’s Big Hair

[image source]

I’m seriously loving Beyonce’s new House of Dereon ads and from the different pics I’ve seen it looks like she’s going for a whole new look. Now when it comes to her hair in the ads I have to say I like that she’s doing the “big hair style”. It really works for her and reminds me of an afro in a way. I’m usually not fond of the type of blonde color she has in her hair but it’s definitely working for her. Also the way her makeup is done especially the eyes add-on to her style. I think this relates to afros because sometimes I feel you have to play up on accessories and makeup to really make your hair pop.

What do you think?

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Black Women & Designer Labels: What is the Prada look and why is the label so controversial?

Prada has been in the press lately, because of two pieces: one feature by the Wall Street Journal magazine covering Miuccia Prada and her husband (and also Prada CEO Patrizio Bertelli) rise to the top. Another article by the Telegraph talks about how one Prada CEO in Japan allegedly ordered a manager to fire ‘old, fat and disgusting people who didn’t have the Prada look’.

If you get a chance to read some of the articles, like I did, I’d love to hear what you think. The one key theme I learned from both pieces was that essentially Prada, like any other brand, wants to stay a covetable brand. You cannot ‘fire’ people because you do not think they have the Prada look though, so I will be interested to see how this lawsuit pans out. Read more

Natural Hair Image of the Week!

Mike and his Afro was just too cute!

Image seen from MJJ Pictures.Com

This is one of the loveliest images I have ever seen of him. He was just adorable. More Mike posts to come as I have been listening to his music all weekend so any Mike haters out there, don’t even waste your time commenting saying all the nasty horrible stuff because your comment WILL be deleted! Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Mashed Up: Revolutionary Road & Slinky Dress Silhouettes

[Portions of this post are cross-posted @ my film blog, Crazy in Love]

I have to admit, I am a full blown junkie.

I cannot stop my addiction to the cinema crack. It just pulls me and tortures me with each new release that comes out this week. I went to see Revolutionary Road today in Wood Green. From my new found cinephilia, RR is probably the most thoughtful film I have seen this year (and as you can tell from my previous posts, I am definitely indulging in my cinema crack habit).

Revolutionary Road

Needless to say, Kate & Leo have so much chemistry together as a couple. They are like needle and thread; they seamlessly interact each other in such a natural way.

They were believable in Titanic and they are so believable in RR. They just look like a couple. I know they are huge celebrities and I hope I don’t sound extra writing this, but if you saw them bopping down the road, I could easily mistake them as a genuine couple. RR is prism of what could have been post-Titanic (Am I reaching?). It seems like this with each line, each glance that they both bounce off each other. I should be upfront and say that I love these two – I just think they are really organic actors, and it comes through on film.

The doyenne of the film’s supporting cast has a Titanic glow herself – Kathy Bates! Her son, John, played by a cutting Michael Shannon is definitely one person to watch. He has also won a supporting actor nomination for the Oscars for this film. For any James Bond stans, Shannon shares an uncanny resemblace to Jaws, honestly!

RR is a mournful and melancholic film, a slow burning exercise in the heartbreak relationships cause.

Fashion: The costuming in RR made me salivate! It’s given me loads of ideas for looks I would love to try out when my money situation improves.


This is one of my favourites! I love how the belt just shapes and moulds the cut of the dress. Really cute. And is it just me or has Kate lost bare weight?

I think this picture is an outtake:

Just gorgeous. I love gloves and I think they complement the look here. I need to find a seamstress in Walthamstow who could do a cut like this for cheap. It’s too gorgeous. 


Revolutionary Road (2008/Director: Sam Mendes)

Recommended for: Kate & Leo stans & Drama genre fans.

Don’t watch it if: If you don’t have the patience to watch dramas.

My verdict: 4/5 coals

[Images: Diabolina Fashion Diary/All Movie Photos]


EDIT @ 1 Feb, around 22:00: OMG, I just found the effing cutest and just loveliest interview ever that these two have done. They are too cute. 2 more pix & the trailer follow the interview.

Here are some excerpts:

Speaking of your private life, do you ever look at Kate and just think, ”Damn, she’s the one who got away.” [They look at each other and burst out laughing.]
WINSLET: Say it!
DICAPRIO: [With a weary groan] We’ve always been completely platonic.


DICAPRIO: Then I did Man in the Iron Mask, but that was before Titanic had been released. I think?
WINSLET: Yes, you did Man in the Iron Mask and then you did Celebrity.
DICAPRIO: Thank you, Kate! [Laughing] I think it’s hilarious that I need to ask her.
WINSLET: May I? [Reaching over and rubbing her finger over DiCaprio's nose] You’ve scratched the top of your nose! Oh, no, we’re literally doing everything we said we wouldn’t do.
DICAPRIO: I know, this is a little too cute. It’s like out of one of those —
WINSLET: Don’t say it!
DICAPRIO: — one of those scenes from
When Harry Met Sally… with the old couples. ”And I met her in the park in 1992! And she was…” ”Eating a hot dog!” ”And I was scratching my butt!”
WINSLET: Oh, my God, and look at me fussing over your face. I’ve literally turned into a combination of your mother, your sister, and, I don’t know what, your wife!
DICAPRIO: By the way, I really hate talking about post-Titanic because it always sounds to me in print like I’m complaining when I have nothing to complain about. That movie gave both of us tremendous opportunities for what we wanted to do as actors.

Here are some great shots:




Again, these two are too cute. Catch this film if you can. It was really good.

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