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Charcoal Question: Would You…

….tell a guy you fancy/have a crush on that you want to be with them or would you be too scared?

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NSFW: Words of Wisdom & A Charcoal Question

I had an msn conversation with my older sister the other day (the one who recently got married). She told me something very important. Read more

A Question about Celebrity

I’m working on this piece for a university assignment and I’d like to include some of your thoughts in it.

Here is one question I have for you:

  • Why do the public, who consume media, care about celebrity so much? And will our interest in it ever wane?

Let me know what you think!

Charcoal Question: Aren’t Black Female Celebrities Black?

Okay, so as this (alleged) scandal between Chris Brown & Rihanna is reaching fever pitch with even Kanye opening his cakehole, I have been looking for general articles to see what slant most of the media is taking just to study. I have already made myself clear in that I feel and hope Rihanna will pull through this okay as she is certainly not the victim to deserve to be hit at all.

Then, I found this article from the LA Times about Rihanna. It goes on to state that Rihanna is multiracial. Read more

Charcoal Questions: Control Freaks!

  • Why do control freaks exist in this world?

This girl is starting to get on my last effing* nerve. She power trips all the fucking** time and it’s like, firstly, I’m not your child so don’t tell me what to do. And secondly, don’t be telling people to clean up the gaffe when your hair follicles are all over the damn place!

* = I am trying to say fuck less.

** = As you can see, it’s not working.

Charcoal Questions: Who Designed Alicia’s Dress?

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Whoever can find out who was the designer of this dress will get all the stan points I usually give to Beyoncé. I am promise and we all know how much I stan for her. I am pretty sure it is a designer but I will probably try and find a seamstress in north London to try and replicate it, especially the crazy look of the bottom of the dress!

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