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Poll: Romantic Swine — What would you do…

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…So he knows. It’s ambivalent and hurtful — no concrete answers available for me as to what’s what. I’m stuck in the dark as I haven’t heard. People are telling me to let it go and that he isn’t interested.

Really sad and distressed about this whole thing.

I’m worried I may be in love with him.

The Top 15 Black Celebrity Couples…

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I am liking making list posts, so I thought I’d give this a go. Here is my list and needless to say, I am a fan of most of these couples. Read on for the commentary and let me know if I have missed anyone. The list is in order of who I like.

15. Rihanna & Chris Brown

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(My Take: The perils of young love people. We have all been there.)

14. Meagan Good & Thomas Jones


[Image Source]

(My take: This bloke is sexy. Seriously he is. I can’t wait for Meagan’s film The Unborn to come out later this month.)

13. Eva Pigford & Lance Gross

[Image Source]

(My take: I don’t know who he is, but he’s fit. Eva looks cool – she did win the first series of the US version of Top Model I think).

12. Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon

[Image Source]

(My take: No comment but I love Mimi at any rate.)

11. Kassy & Liya Kebede

[Image Source]

(My take: Liya needs no introduction. Kassy is an investment banker. Bank that people! East Africa is here!]

10. Noemie Lenoir & Claude Makelele

[Image Source]

(My take: They are such a gorgeous couple. Interesting how if you translate Noemie’s maiden name, it means ‘the black’ literally in French. Makelele is from Congo-Kinshasha and his name means ‘noise’ in Swahili. So random, love it.) Read more

My Top 5 Black British Male Celebrities

5. Luol Deng

From my research, Deng is a massive superstar in the US, playing basketball. Nice work! Deng is of Sudanese origin.

4. Lewis Hamilton

Normally, Lewis doesn’t do it for my loins. LOL, it’s not like I have to keep my legs crossed when I see him but he looks good here. I know LH gets a bad press for not being likable (apparently) but I like how he always looks for his father after every race. (Grenadian & English origin). Read more

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